At Noroff University College, creativity is your only limit.




About Noroff University College

NUC is a university college in Kristiansand with many opportunities, a high level of expertise, a great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

Noroff University College is part of the Noroff Group. Noroff is one the largest providers of creative education in Norway. The institution is consists of Noroff University College, Noroff Vocational School, Noroff Webstudent and Noroff Secondary Education. The total student count is 1,300 every year.

Noroff education programs spanning areas such as Graphic Design, Animation, CAD and Technical Design, Game Design, Film Production, Sound and Music Production, Network and System Management, IT Security and Digital Forensics.

Our campuses are located in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Fredrikstad, and the company has an extensive online education business through Noroff Nettstudier (Noroff Webstudent). As of 2013, the company has approximately 130 employees. The company is privately owned.

Our International Partnerships

Noroff has a strong international focus with continuing collaboration with higher education institutions abroad. Presently, Noroff collaborates with Deakin University in Australia, Teesside University in England, University of South Wales in Wales and the AFDA Film School in South Africa.

Our Educational Approach 

Noroff provides a framework for an effective learning environment where students mature in knowledge, skills and expertise. Many of our former students have moved into highly successful careers. The starting point is always commitment and hard work, supported by Noroff expertise and facilities.

"It's rare to have access to this much equipment and expertise at the same time. It's pointless not to avail yourself of this every waking hour!"

Bendik and Alexander, former Noroff students

The five characteristics our students should attain

Passionate students usually become passionate employees, enthusiastic about their subject and profession and attractive to employers. As a student at Noroff you will be guided by skilled teachers and lecturers in a well-equipped learning environment.

1. Lifelong Learners

Students will have the ability to acquire the necessary knowledge to solve a problem or task.

Noroff want all students to 'learn how to learn'. as lifelong learners NUC students will have the skills to gain new knowledge to solve new problems. 

2. Reflective

The ability to reflect on their own and others' choices and suggestions in connection with problem solving and manufacturing processes.

Students with the capacity to reflect on their own work develop the ability to improve and learn from past experience and know how to use their strengths. Noroff provides for self-reflection in a number of ways supported by skilled subject experts.

3. Applying Knowledge

The ability to translate theory and knowledge to practical work.

Academic studies are focused on understanding the underlying theories and concepts. An employer needs someone who can apply these skills. Theory and practical exercises go hand in hand. The educational programs combine creativity with up-to-date technology. Solid skills with IT tools provide an obvious advantage in the workplace.

4. Relevant and adaptable

Graduates are a resource for business from day one.

Noroff is focused on educating people with the skills and competence that are relevant for the industry. Noroff include industrial / commercial advisors both in development and implementation of education programs to ensure their students are highly employable.

5. Team Skills

The ability to collaborate on tasks, problem solving, roles and deadlines, to have social interaction and contribute actively in the work community.

During an job interview one of the questions the interviewer is trying to answer is "Will this person fit in the team?" Through projects and collaborative work, students at Noroff gain experience through collaborative teamwork.